Lamb Sear Farm Drug Testing Help

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How to Pass Hair Testing

A Hair drug test has recently been the fastest growing method of drug testing since it is considered to be the most accurate than mouth and urine testing. Those that fail this test are typically habitual users. When a person is on drugs, drug metabolites diffuse into the hair follicle, so some traces of them may be detected in the hair as much as 90 days. This method is very hard to fool because any signs of toxins remain in the hair for months due to slow growth of hair.

It is sad news to say that, if you are a regular smoker and the hair testing is done at the last minute, this will most likely not work for you. The only possible way to pass this test is by using special cleanser. The most popular one is Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo. Although this required a lot of creativity, it is another ditch effort to pass a hair test. You can use the fake hair that is free from THC to trick the technician.

How to Pass Saliva Drug Test

Saliva drug test is the most convenient type of drug testing because it’s very simple to collect the sample without any discomfort. This method is also less expensive and it’s mostly preferred in instance cases especially in offices. The results are usually very accurate. The instrument used to collect saliva sample looks like a toothbrush. A pad is placed between your gum and cheek. It stays in position for approximately two minutes so the pad is saturated with your saliva.

Use Oral Clear

Oral Clear is one of the most popular products for saliva test these days. It comes in form of a gum that you chew before your test. It takes 30 seconds to neutralize saliva and lives you with a 30 minute window to leave your swab sample. Always read the instruction before using.

  1. Use of Detox mouth washes
  2. Avoid Junk Food and Red Meat
  3. THC metabolites stick to fat cells, so it’s important to minimize the amount of fatty foods in your diet.
  4. Fast food is typically the worst culprit.
  5. Flush It Out

Continuing the concept of flushing out your system prior to a urine test, be sure to urinate as much as possible prior to the test as this helps get those traces of drugs out of your body as quick as possible. Obviously drinking lots of water will help you do this, but diuretics might also help here. It may seem counterproductive, but these diuretics like caffeine (coffee, tea, soda) or cranberry juice actually will help force any traces of drugs out of your system much faster than simple water consumption alone. In this same vein, it’s also important to remember that any drug traces will build up during long stretches between urination, including during sleep. If you’re doing a urine test earlier in the day, make sure to urinate at least once prior to taking the test to help get any of those traces out of your system before you actually give a sample. Otherwise, you increase the likelihood of the test picking something up.

Switch It Up

This will take some finesse as drug tests are often closely monitored by testers or other professionals and any obvious tampering will mean a failed test and any resulting negative consequences. That said, if you have a urine test and don’t have time to clean out your system, acquiring clean urine from a friend or even buying it from a clean source may be the way to go. Be sure that you trust this person actually to provide a clean sample. Many smoke shops will have strips to test urine so that you can be sure that the sample you have is actually clean. Beyond this, you’ll need to keep the sample at body temperature to avoid alerting a tester to anything out of the ordinary. Keeping it in a hidden place against your body might be your best bet as it makes it easier to use in a testing facility and will ensure that it is the right temperature.

Go Synthetic

If you cannot get a clean sample from a friend or other source, a synthetic source may be the way to go. Synthetic urine is available in some smoke shops and online. Most testing facilities cannot tell the difference between real and synthetic urine. Just be sure that your sample contains uric acid as some facilities now test for this chemical. Also, follow the same rules as real urine and keep the sample at the right temperature. Synthetic providers may provide instructions on how exactly to do this, but keeping it against your body yet again could really do the trick. Some companies even provide special implements for keeping urine or synthetic urine on your body so that it stays warm prior to testing. Urine belts are discreet and will keep you from avoiding any unfortunate mishaps with homemade storage products.

Special Shampoo

Hair tests are one of the most dreaded situations for recreational drug users. Frequent users could be in hot water for up to three months if they’re forced to take a follicle test instead of a blood, urine, or saliva test. And even recreational or one-time users could find themselves testing positive if they’re forced to take a hair test at the wrong time. Fortunately, there are ways to beat a hair test if one gets thrown at you. Some companies online provide hair follicle shampoos that cleanse any residue from the follicle so that you can take a hair test without worrying about a positive test result. This means no more fear of hair tests and no need to give up drugs regularly if tests are to be a frequent occurrence.